Discharge Planning

Discharge planning is incorporated into the treatment plan from the beginning. Accomplishment of treatment goals, individual client strengths and weaknesses, family, and community resources are all considered in formulating discharge plans and follow-up care.  Lighthouse does provide long-term care for individuals.

Determining Post-Discharge Needs

  • Evaluating kind of services needed.
  • Identifying appropriate community resources.
  • Discussing options with clients and responsible parties.

Establishing Post-Discharge Plans

  • Referral back to physician and/or therapists if client has an established relationship.
  • Contacting community, private clinics, therapists, and making an aftercare appointment if appropriate.
  • Liaison with case managers, community, agencies, courts, and assistance programs.
  • In-service for family and/or responsible parties:         

Client deficits could include medical, psychological, and/or social components. Our treatment program provides intensive intervention in all areas. Follow-up care is always recommended to solidify the gains made and to continue personal growth.